Tips & Tricks

How to Tell if an SRT Kit is Installed in a SIG Sauer Pistol

If you've ever been in a gun shop and trying to determine what features come on a SIG Sauer P226, P220, P229, P227, P225, or any other classic line P-Series pistol, it's helpful to know how to identify whether a Short Reset Trigger Kit (more ...

Pre-Purchase Evaluation of a Used SIG Sauer P226

If you're shopping for a used SIG Sauer pistol, especially a classic P-Series, this video has some helpful tips on what to look for so you get a good deal and end up with the type of gun you're looking for.

How to Remove Glock Magazine Base Plate (and install Pierce Grip Extensions)

Have you been struggling to remove the base plate on your Glock magazine (it's called a "magazine," not a "clip")? This simple trick will have them off in seconds, without causing any damage. You can then install a Piece grip extension, or any other ...